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2015 DBN Mock Draft: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Select QB Jameis Winston at No. 1

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

It's time to begin our fifth annual Dawgs By Nature Community Mock Draft! With the first pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select...

Jameis Winston, QB, Florida State

The selection and write-up were made by BuenosAires_Dawg:

I am not going to sugarcoat this, Tampa Bay sucked last year. They were 29th in scoring offense and 25th in scoring defense. Their starting quarterback, journeyman Josh McCown, was an unmitigated disaster and he is now playing for the quarterback churning machine, the Cleveland Browns. His backup, Mike Glennon, has a limited ceiling. While he takes care of the ball (career int. rate of 2.4%), his completion rate is below 60% and doesn’t seem to be getting better with time.

One of the reasons why these quarterbacks have been so poor is that Tampa Bay has the worst offensive line in the business. The Bucs have to go QB or LT with this pick. However, there is no bookend tackle that can justify passing on a potential franchise quarterback. Winston is a solid prospect. His build, arm and accuracy are his assets. The knock on him is the number of interceptions he’s thrown and his storied history with law enforcement.

It is hard to venture what next season will look like for Winston. He seems to be a quick learner and to be dedicated to his trade. Whether he starts or not might depend on what Tampa Bay does to fix that ghastly offensive line. No one in his right mind would throw Winston into that dumpster fire, no matter how fast he can adapt to the NFL. TB is not expected to be competitive this season, so he can warm the bench a little so Glennon can sit by the bye week.

I don't expect Winston to start right off the bat. In spot duty the past two years, Glennon has a solid touchdown to interception ratio, almost to the point where it feels like he's getting the shaft here. The Buccaneers still have some good talent at the receiver position, but they'll want to upgrade their offensive line more to protect their new franchise quarterback long-term. I can't really see the Buccaneers going with any other pick other than quarterback, unless they trade down.

The Tennessee Titans are up next, led by scott tizzle.

2015 DBN Community Mock Draft Results (so far)

Pick Team Player Position School Username
1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jameis Winston QB Florida State BuenosAires_Dawg
2 Tennessee Titans scott tizzle
3 Jacksonville Jaguars Legoman0721
4 Oakland Raiders makeaplay59
5 Washington Redskins michael.hamper
6 New York Jets aszabo1
7 Chicago Bears Barnestorm
8 Atlanta Falcons OhioCityBrownsBeliever
9 New York Giants Bizono
10 St. Louis Rams Ted Washington's Belly
11 Minnesota Vikings MConley17
12 Cleveland Browns Adam Rice
13 New Orleans Saints TuckJob
14 Miami Dolphins Brocolis154033
15 San Francisco 49ers Manly and Loving It
16 Houston Texans troy145
17 San Diego Chargers Crawford_T
18 Kansas City Chiefs JamesPowell
19 Cleveland Browns Royce Groff
20 Philadelphia Eagles Matt Wood
21 Cincinnati Bengals styrofoamboots
22 Pittsburgh Steelers Marquess of Rockingham
23 Detroit Lions tmptplayer
24 Arizona Cardinals a2342432a
25 Carolina Panthers PaduaDSP
26 Baltimore Ravens unoservix
27 Dallas Cowboys Twilightcall06
28 Denver Broncos Maverick Hunter X
29 Indianapolis Colts Mudville
30 Green Bay Packers syndrome
31 New Orleans Saints pt_999
32 New England Patriots stravaille