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Rumor: Browns Uniforms Leaked By Retailers

These uniforms continue to show up around town

These are not the uniforms. I think. Maybe.
These are not the uniforms. I think. Maybe.
RVR Photos-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE (4:13 PM): It sounds like all of the below was a nicely executed hoax by a couple of Browns fans. As far as we know, the Browns' uniforms for Tuesday have not actually been leaked yet.


Another day, another glimpse of the same Browns uniform.

This time it was spotted at the mall by a BiG_CLE_FaN on twitter:

Also got a closer look at the Donte Whitner jersey:

When this leaked a week or so ago, many fans were down on the look and were writing these off as fake, but today's evidence have this looking more and more like the real deal. So the question is, are we happy with the new look?

Of course this is only one uniform as there are supposed to be 3 different tops and 3 sets of pants. One of the most heard rumors is that the Browns will also feature a heavy amount of gray in the uniforms, which this one lacks.

This wasn't how this was supposed to happen, and some reporters are not pleased about it.

The uniforms are set to be unveiled by the team this week.


It seems as if someone got the word to the store and the uniforms have been yanked from the shelves. No word on why.