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Cleveland Browns Reveal New Uniforms - Photos

The Cleveland Browns have officially unveiled their new uniforms for the 2015 season. There are three jerseys and three pants, allowing for nine possible uniform combinations. Here are some highlights:

  • The jerseys options are orange, brown, or white.
  • The pants options are orange, brown, or white.
  • The helmet features a brown facemask.
  • The word "Cleveland" is on the front of the jerseys, while the word "Browns" is on the side of the pants. Both are firsts in the NFL.
  • The contrast stitching on the jersey and chainmail/raised numbers are also both firsts in the NFL.

Per team president Alec Scheiner, head coach Mike Pettine, along with players, still have to give input on which uniform combination the Browns should use for their primary home/away uniforms:

Here are some photos from the unveiling:

Up close look at the new orange jersey #Brownsunis

A photo posted by Andrew Gribble (@andrew_gribble) on