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2015 DBN Mock Draft: Tennessee Titans Select QB Marcus Mariota at No. 2

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

With the second pick in the DBN 2015 NFL Mock Draft, the Tennessee Titans select...

Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon

The selection and write-up were made by scott tizzle:

In a perfect world if I am GM Ruston Webster and HC Ken Whisenhunt I am doing all I can to move out of this pick.  Mariota has plenty of potential suitors and the Titans would be foolish to not look to move down and acquire assets as they have plenty of holes on the roster.  While QB is the major need, there is still needs at DL, OL and LB.  There have been rumors of a potential deal to try and acquire Philip Rivers but I believe those are pipe dreams.

As for the pick, I really wanted to take Leonard Williams here as I believe he is the most can't miss prospect in the draft and he fills a need, but as I was scanning through and dissecting the Titans roster, one thing stood out to me:


With all due respect to Zach Mettenberger, he does not scare anyone in the NFL.  So that is why with the 2nd pick I am selecting Marcus Mariota.  The Heisman Trophy winner has all the physical tools to be a very good QB in the NFL.  He has size, speed, a very strong arm, and has none of the character concerns that surround the #1 pick Jameis Winston, but there are a few concerns scouts do have with Mariota and that is why this could be a boom or bust pick.

Mariota will be instantly slated in as the starting QB and I believe he could have success if OC Jason Michael tailors his offense to best use Mariota's skill set.  This would be to design his offense with QB rollouts and getting Mariota out of the pocket where his speed would scare the crap out of NFL defenses.  While the Titans don't have great receivers they do have speed and could use Kendall Wright and Justin Hunter to get the best out of Mariota.  And that doesn't mention Delanie Walker who could be the young signal-caller's best friend.

The Titans need to get the QB situation figured out or they could be picking one spot higher in the 2016 draft.

With Locker retiring and Mettenberger as the primary quarterback on the roster, it would seem pretty crazy to me if the Titans stayed at No. 2 and passed up on Mariota. As scott tizzle states, they might have a lot of suitors for the No. 2 pick via a trade, which always makes it difficult to do a mock draft that doesn't allow trades. For staying at No. 2, though, this is the right decision.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are up next, led by Legoman0721.

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