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2015 NFL Draft: Sammie Coates 6-pack Q&A with College and Magnolia

Next man up in our college blogs six-pack series, Auburn WR Sammie Coates.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

We're a day away from all the excitement that comes with the start of the NFL Draft. I, for one, am giddy. So, let's stick with it and take a look at another six-pack Q&A.

Below is our Q&A for Auburn WR Sammie Coates. Walt Austin (@AUTigerGSUEagle) over at College and Magnolia was kind enough to answer the questions, so let us know what you think in the comments!


1. He had a ridiculous career yards-per-reception average of 20.9. How much of that is the product of the system, and how much of that is his own ability?

I think that's both his ability and the system. That number is so high because he was such a deep threat, but he was used a lot underneath, too. Particularly on the tunnel screen, where he could take it and go to the house with ease. If he gets space around him, he's deadly with his speed and strength.

2. Seemingly has an issue with drops and/or lack of focus. Is that something you think he can correct?

I think he can correct the drops with a lot of work. It may even be a technique thing for all I know. He could make the tough catches look easy, but then drop the simplest. It was one of the most frustrating aspects of his game. Followed closely by...

3. He's big, fast, but looks pretty raw on tape; not great route running, doesn't extend his catch radius, etc. What's his biggest improvement area he needs to focus on?

That catch radius? Yeah, that was my biggest issue. It always seemed like if the ball was just out of his reach, he let it drop just past his finger tips. I can't count the number of times I was screaming "LAY OUT FOR IT!" when a ball dropped just beyond his reach. If he wants to be a receiver that quarterbacks in the NFL count on to make those big plays, then he's going to have to prove he's willing to do what it takes to make the catch.

4. On the plus side, he's got all the physical tools you want in a receiver; good size, fast, very long arms, etc. What's his biggest strength he brings to the table?

Football speed is his biggest strength. Aside from his, you know, physical strength. He's a beast of a young man. He wasn't all that fast in the 40 yard dash (nor was he slow by any means), but with helmet and pads he can get behind a defense with a quickness. He fights hard for the ball when it's within his catch radius.

And if you get in his way? He'll just throw you aside.

5. There's quite a few receivers ranked ahead of him on most boards, how does he stack up against some of his peers?

I think he's about where the NFL draft experts have him in terms of competition with his peers. If he didn't have the drops at times, I would put him up near the very top, though. He's got the work ethic to work for greatness, and he's just a generally good guy, too. I think any NFL team that gets him is getting a great player who can be a star in the future.

6. Ultimately, where do you see him getting drafted, and what sort of impact do you foresee?

Like I said, I think early to mid 2nd round is where he'll go. He could make an immediate impact if a team needs a deep threat, or he could be a project for someone to fine tune before completely unleashing upon the world.