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2015 NFL Draft: Malcom Brown 6-pack Q&A with Burnt Orange Nation

Burnt Orange Nation's Wescott Eberts answers a 6-pack of questions on talented tackle Malcom Brown.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier we took a look at Washington DT Danny Shelton. And with just over four hours to go before the NFL Draft kicks off, let's take a look at another DT, this time Texas DT Malcom Brown.

Wescott Eberts (@SBN_Wescott) of SB Nation's Texas affiliate, Burnt Orange Nation, answers a six-pack of questions on the talented DT. Enjoy!


1. He's a big dude, but appears to carry all 320 lbs of him well. Does he move better than people sometimes give him credit for?

Most draft analysts give Brown plenty of credit for his quickness off the ball and overall movement ability, but if there are any questions, his 5.05 40-yard dash and 4.59 shuttle time at the NFL Scouting Combine should put that to rest, as well as any cursory look at his film. Just check out this lateral move and then two-step burst upfield:

2. Aside from his size and physical traits, what do you see as his greatest asset for NFL teams?

Head coach Charlie Strong raves about Brown's ability to translate his practice effort into the game. But he also has a lot of natural football intelligence, as Strong says that he would come to the sideline during games and tell coaches which plays teams were running when they made a certain check.

3. Do you think he projects better as a 4-3 or 3-4 DT at the next level?

Brown isn't exactly at his best when he's taking on double teams because he doesn't have the strongest base and can get driven off the ball in those situations, so there's no question that he's a better fit as a three-technique defensive tackle in a 4-3. Since his quickness and overall penetration ability are some of his best assets, those are attributes that NFL teams will want to feature.

4. Does he have the necessary motor to be a consistent force, or what is his biggest area to improve on?

As an evaluator of high school recruits, one thing that made me fall for Brown early on was seeing him chase plays well down the field at full speed. So he's definitely a guy who will give high effort on every play, as his motor translated to his efforts in college.

5. Seems to have a lot of football under his belt for a junior early-entry, and he is married with children. How much do you think NFL teams will value his maturity and experience?

NFL teams should definitely value his maturity. Besides having a wife and children, he's a super low-key guy overall and may not be the most vocal player in the locker room, but he'll be an excellent teammate and an even better citizen. In other words, there are zero character concerns with Brown, making him a low-risk pick with a high floor.

6. Ultimately, where do you see him getting drafted? And what sort of immediate impact do you foresee?

It's hard to see Brown lasting into the last part of the first round based on the number of teams that could have interest in him, starting with the San Francisco 49ers with the 15th pick and extending to the majority of teams who will select after the 49ers. Since Brown has such high-level physical ability and pairs it with high effort and an understanding of the game, he should be able to contribute early and make some plays as a rookie.