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Oregon State DE Obum Gwacham Has Private Workout With Browns

Susan Ragan-USA TODAY Sports

A little over a week ago, the Cleveland Browns had a private workout with Oregon State DE Obum Gwacham. Perhaps more interesting than the fact that the Browns held a private workout with him was the fact that he wrote a diary about it. That makes it entertaining for us as readers, but I wonder if it irks the Browns to have the type of things they do out there as public knowledge. Here is a taste of what he said, for example:

Something I really like with [the Browns] is the fact that on third down, they'll try to put in their speed rushers. So it'll be some of the lighter guys, even at the nose and at end. They said that they could see me potentially being one of those in that scheme. I was very happy to hear that, obviously.

Gwacham also talked about dining with the Browns' representatives at a place that sells Hawaiian food, and that the Cleveland guys were sending pictures of the food to a friend of theirs in Hawaii (no word if that is Mike Krupka or not!) He then ended his diary about Cleveland with the following:

They talked to me a little bit afterward and they said they don't play a huge role in deciding who gets to come (to the Browns), but they said they really liked me and they were gonna put in a good word and whatever happens, happens.

At 6-5, 246 lbs, Gwacham is projected to be a seventh-round draft pick. Lance Zierlein of said the following about him:

Explosive athlete with only one year of experience at defensive end after transitioning from wide receiver. Gwacham lacks the functional strength to play the run and he's still in the infant stages of learning how to rush the passer. His desire and character combined with his superb physical traits could make him a late-round project who teams show patience with as he gets bigger and continues to learn the position.