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Cleveland Browns NFL Draft Live Blog (Day 2) - Rumors, Picks, and More

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It is Friday, and later tonight, rounds 2-3 in the 2015 NFL Draft will take place for the Cleveland Browns and the rest of the teams in the NFL. Because there are two rounds, it starts a little earlier today -- 7:00 PM ET. Teams will have 7 minutes to pick in round two, and only 5 minutes to pick in round three (supplemental picks will last 4 minutes).

We will have all of your Browns-related coverage on the draft here at Dawgs By Nature throughout the weekend. There will be individual posts about each draft pick that Cleveland makes, or any other relevant news. This thread will act as a "live blog" of sorts, with short one-liners about the latest small rumors, picks, or trades involving Cleveland or other NFL teams. You should also use the comments section as your NFL Draft open thread! (Newest updates will be at the top of the live blog below)

Browns NFL Draft Live Blog


9:18 PM: This one speaks for itself:

8:57 PM: Boooooooo, the Baltimore Ravens just got TE Maxx Williams. He wasn't that good anyway, right?

8:54 PM: The Browns had dined with OLB Nate Orchard at some point:

8:52 PM: Last year, the Browns had attitude/character/personal problems with QB Johnny Manziel, RB Terrance West, and CB Justin Gilbert. Did that play into this year's draft strategy?

8:50 PM: Our live blog is going to stop covering every pick in the draft, and shift focus more toward just Browns news.

8:46 PM: The Browns took DE/OLB Nate Orchard at No. 51 overall. Here is our write-up on him.

8:40 PM: The NFL draft just got emotional as Jim Kelly made the announcement of the Buffalo Bills pick at No. 50 overall. The Browns' pick has been in for awhile, but we're waiting for the commish to announce it.

8:36 PM: At No. 49 overall, the Kansas City Chiefs took C Mitch Morse.

8:32 PM: The top 11 players left on our Browns big board:

1. OT T.J. Clemmings
2. OLB Eli Harold
3. WR Jaelen Strong
4. OLB Randy Gregory
5. OLB Owa Odighizuwa
6. TE Maxx Williams
7. DT Jordan Phillips
8. OT Jake Fisher
9. DT Grady Jarrett
10. DT Carl Davis
11. QB Brett Hundley

8:30 PM: At No. 48 overall, the San Diego Chargers took ILB Denzel Perryman.

8:26 PM: Browns first-round pick Cameron Erving is chilling at the Tribe game tonight:

8:23 PM: At No. 46 overall, the San Francisco 49ers selected S Jaquiski Tartt. The Philadelphia Eagles just traded up and are on the clock...and they selected DB Eric Rowe at No. 47 overall. The Browns are coming up in four picks.

8:17 PM: As it stands right now, the Browns own the middle of the fourth round:

8:15 PM: We'll keep discussing picks until the Browns make their selection. At No. 44 overall, the New Orleans Saints took DE Hau'oli Kikaha. At No. 45 overall, the Minnesota Vikings selected ILB Eric Kendricks.

8:10 PM: While we were busy talking about the Browns' trade, a few picks went down:

  • At No. 41 overall, the Carolina Panthers took WR Devin Fuchness.
  • At No. 42 overall, the Atlanta Falcons drafted CB Jalen Collins.
  • At No. 43 overall, the Houston Texans selected ILB Benardick McKinney.

8:06 PM: Here are the details of the Browns' trade with Houston. We'll be on the clock at No. 51 again.

7:57 PM: Welp, the Browns won't be picking!

7:54 PM: Wow, am I late on this? According to the Miami Herald, here is what WR DeVante Parker's mom said about her son being drafted by the Dolphins:

"We didn’t want him going to Cleveland," Raneca Parker said Friday, less than 24 hours after the Dolphins took her son with the 14th pick. "They don’t have a team, really, or a quarterback. I knew I didn’t want the Cleveland Browns."

Read more here:

7:51 PM: But first, at No. 40 overall, the Tennessee Titans drafted WR Dorial Green-Beckham. Now, at No. 41, we'll see who the Panthers traded up for. I'm going to guess WR Jaelen Strong.

7:47 PM: We have a trade! The Rams have traded back with the Carolina Panthers at No. 41 overall. Leaping the Browns for somebody?

7:44 PM: At No. 39 overall, the Chicago Bears selected NT Eddie Goldman.

7:42 PM: At No. 38 overall, the Washington Redskins drafted DE/OLB Preston Smith.

7:40 PM: Who could the Browns be considering at No. 43? Here are the Top 15 players remaining on our Browns DBN cumulative big board:

1. DL Eddie Goldman
2. OT T.J. Clemmings
3. OLB Eli Harold
4. WR Jaelen Strong
5. OLB Randy Gregory
6. OLB Owa Odighizuwa
7. TE Maxx Williams
8. DT Jordan Phillips
9. ILB Eric Kendricks
10. WR Dorial Green-Beckham
11. OT Jake Fisher
12. DE/OLB Preston Smith
13. DT Grady Jarrett
14. DT Carl Davis
15. QB Brett Hundley

7:34 PM: At No. 37 overall, the New York Jets took WR Devin Smith. Ohio State fans who wanted him in Cleveland will be crushed. The Browns will be covering him in New York in Week 1.

7:30 PM: At No. 36 overall, the Houston Texans went with RB T.J. Yeldon. Also, thanks to Jon Stinchcomb who manned the live blog from 3 PM to 7:30 PM! I am back now, just in time for the Browns' pick, which should be coming up in a half hour.

7:25 PM: At No. 35 overall, the Oakland Raiders selected DE Mario Edwards Jr.

7:15 PM: At No. 34 overall, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers selected OT Donovan Smith.

7:00 PM: The Titans opened the second night of the NFL Draft with a trade, swapping selections with the Giants.

At No. 33 overall, the New York Giants drafted DB Landon Collins.

6:00 PM: A popular former Brown has suddenly become available again. The Indianapolis Colts have just announced the release of Josh Cribbs, a previously longtime fan favorite in Cleveland.

Since parting ways back in 2012, Cribbs has struggled around the league but actually posted a decent average yardage on kick returns, though only fielded 19 total.

Cribbs, an NFL veteran of 10 years, will turn 32 in June.

5:10 PM: Following his first press conference as a new Cleveland Brown, Danny Shelton joined Bull & Fox on 92.3 The Fan. Shelton emphasized just how excited he is to be part of the Dawg Pound, a place he envisioned himself landing for a while now.

You can listen to the whole interview here.

4:00 PM: The introductory press conference for Danny Shelton and Cameron Erving will begin very shortly. You can watch it live via

You can read the full transcript from the presser here, via Nate Ulrich of

3:00 PM: One of the most unusual storylines of the 2015 NFL Draft has been that of La'el Collins, LSU offensive lineman, and law enforcement's efforts to speak with him about the shooting death of a former girlfriend.

Yesterday the league office denied a request of his to move to the supplemental draft. As Collins went into free fall off boards across the entire NFL, the previously top-10 graded prospect slipped out of the first round as a result of the uncertainty surrounding this incident.

Here's the latest:

2:13 PM: Let's look at a Day 2 mock draft from Brent Sobleski over at Bleacher Report. For those who don't know, Brent has followed the Browns closely in the past.

  • No. 43: DE/OLB Preston Smith (Link)
  • No. 77: WR Tyler Lockett (Link)

Also, Dan Kadar of SB Nation has WR Devin Smith going to the Browns at No. 43 overall.

2:05 PM: If you follow Lane Adkins of the OBR, you'll see he's made reference to the fact that at least one NFL team has come to the Browns with an interest in trading for C Alex Mack. Nothing will probably materialize for a few reasons. First, Mack has a no-trade clause, so even if the Browns received a deal that was too good to pass up, they'd have to bring it to Mack, which would be pretty damn awkward.

1:30 PM: The Browns will be holding their "welcome" press conferences for NT Danny Shelton and OL Cameron Erving at 4:00 PM today in Berea:

1:24 PM: Just how much do Cleveland fans look forward to the draft? A lot, according to Darren Rovell of ESPN. I'm sure some of this had to do with the Browns having two first-round picks, because fans have a reason to tune in for the whole draft, not just the one time they are on the clock. The Saints also had two first-round picks and came in second.

1:05 PM: And here is the Cumulative DBN Big Board, following up on our previous update.

DBN Big Board
1 Eddie Goldman
2 T.J. Clemmings
3 Eli Harold
4 Jaelen Strong
5 Randy Gregory
6 Owa Odighizuwa
7 Maxx Williams
8 Landon Collins
9 Jordan Phillips
10 Eric Kendricks
11 Dorial Green-Beckham
12 Jake Fisher
13 Devin Smith
14 Preston Smith
15 Grady Jarrett
16 Carl Davis
17 Brett Hundley
18 Denzel Perryman
19 Michael Bennett
20 Hau'oli Kikaha
21 Devin Funchess
22 Ameer Abdullah
23 A.J. Cann
24 Jalen Collins
25 Eric Rowe
26 Ali Marpet
27 Benardrick McKinney
28 Donovan Smith
29 Rashad Greene
30 Bryce Petty
31 Tyler Lockett
32 Sammie Coates
33 Clive Walford
34 Mario Edwards Jr.
35 P.J. Williams
36 Jay Ajayi
37 Tre Jackson
38 Nate Orchard
39 Xavier Cooper
40 Trey Flowers
41 Quinten Rollins
42 Tevin Coleman
43 Danielle Hunter
44 Garrett Grayson
45 Jamison Crowder
46 Paul Dawson

12:57 PM:
It's time to revisit everybody's DBN Big Boards to see who is left! This will be a long update, but I think it will be worth it. I am posting eight individual big boards, and then in the next update, I will post the CUMULATIVE big board, which gives the best general consensus among the staff + community. Please keep in mind that these big boards were constructed from before the draft.

Chris Pokorny
Matt Wood
Jon Stinchcomb
12 Maxx Williams 12 Dorial Green-Beckham 14 Randy Gregory 9 Eddie Goldman
13 Randy Gregory 14 Jaelen Strong 17 T.J. Clemmings 14 Brett Hundley
18 Eddie Goldman 15 Eli Harold 20 Eric Kendricks 15 Jaelen Strong
20 T.J. Clemmings 16 Eric Kendricks 21 Landon Collins 16 Jordan Phillips
23 Dorial Green-Beckham 17 Devin Smith 23 Eddie Goldman 19 Owa Odighizuwa
24 Owa Odighizuwa 18 Preston Smith 25 Owa Odighizuwa 20 Eli Harold
26 Jordan Phillips 20 Maxx Williams 28 Jalen Collins 24 T.J. Clemmings
27 Grady Jarrett 23 Owa Odighizuwa 32 Jake Fisher 26 Landon Collins
29 Eli Harold 24 Grady Jarrett 33 Eli Harold 29 Jake Fisher
30 Eric Kendricks 25 Ameer Abdullah 34 Carl Davis 31 Eric Kendricks
32 Jake Fisher 27 Devin Funchess 36 Jaelen Strong 32 Michael Bennett
35 Devin Smith 28 T.J. Clemmings 38 Jordan Phillips 33 Benardrick McKinney
36 Jaelen Strong 29 Jake Fisher 40 Maxx Williams 35 Sammie Coates
38 Donovan Smith 31 Rashad Greene 41 Eric Rowe 36 Carl Davis
39 Ali Marpet 34 Tyler Lockett 42 Brett Hundley 40 P.J. Williams
40 Preston Smith 36 Denzel Perryman 43 Benardrick McKinney 41 Clive Walford
41 Denzel Perryman 37 Mario Edwards Jr. 44 Xavier Cooper 42 Hau'oli Kikaha
42 Trey Flowers 38 Tre Jackson 43 Tevin Coleman
43 Xavier Cooper 39 Ali Marpet
44 Paul Dawson 40 Nate Orchard
45 Danielle Hunter 41 Carl Davis
42 Clive Walford
43 P.J. Williams

Joe Ginley
Zach Miller
Josh Finney
DBN Big Board
17 Eddie Goldman 14 T.J. Clemmings 15 Jordan Phillips 14 Randy Gregory
19 T.J. Clemmings 15 Eli Harold 17 Randy Gregory 19 Eddie Goldman
22 Jaelen Strong 17 Eddie Goldman 18 T.J. Clemmings 25 Maxx Williams
24 Landon Collins 19 Jaelen Strong 21 Owa Odighizuwa 26 Landon Collins
27 Owa Odighizuwa 20 Randy Gregory 22 Eli Harold 27 Eli Harold
31 Maxx Williams 23 Landon Collins 23 Eddie Goldman 28 Dorial Green-Beckham
32 Devin Smith 31 Dorial Green-Beckham 24 Hau'oli Kikaha 30 Jordan Phillips
33 Eli Harold 34 Eric Rowe 28 Denzel Perryman 32 T.J. Clemmings
34 Preston Smith 35 Maxx Williams 29 Landon Collins 33 Devin Smith
38 Jordan Phillips 36 Eric Kendricks 30 A.J. Cann 36 Michael Bennett
39 Jake Fisher 37 Jordan Phillips 31 Maxx Williams 37 Owa Odighizuwa
40 Eric Kendricks 38 Jay Ajayi 32 Devin Smith 38 Jake Fisher
42 A.J. Cann 39 Preston Smith 33 Bryce Petty 39 Eric Kendricks
43 Michael Bennett 41 Jake Fisher 34 Carl Davis 40 Devin Funchess
44 Donovan Smith 42 Grady Jarrett 35 Preston Smith 41 Denzel Perryman
45 Garrett Grayson 43 Quinten Rollins 38 Jaelen Strong 42 Benardick McKinney
44 Ali Marpet 40 Donovan Smith 43 Nate Orchard
45 Jamison Crowder 41 Eric Kendricks 44 Sammie Coates
44 Grady Jarrett 45 Preston Smith
45 Michael Bennett

12:00 PM:
Good afternoon, Browns fans, and welcome to Day 2 of the NFL Draft! In case you missed it, the Dawgs By Nature staff has been busy putting together some draft-related articles. Here are some features for you to kill some time with:

The Browns have 2 picks today -- No. 43 overall in the 2nd round & No. 77 overall in the 3rd round.