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2015 NFL Draft: Cleveland Browns Trade 2nd Round Pick to Texans

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns were due on the clock at No. 43 overall in the second round of the 2015 NFL Draft, but they decided to trade the pick to the Houston Texans. The Browns will now be on the clock at No. 51 overall.

According to reports, here are the exact parameters of the trade:


  • No. 43 from Browns (2nd round)
  • No. 229 from Browns (7th round)


  • No. 51 from Texans (2nd round)
  • No. 115 from Texans (4th round)
  • No. 195 from Texans (6th round)

Not bad, especially if we can use that ammunition to move back up into the second or third rounds later today.