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UDFA Tryouts Projection: Part 2

The Browns invited 50 tryout players to their rookie minicamp, let's look at the tight ends and offensive linemen.

E.J. Bibbs boxing out his man for a TD reception
E.J. Bibbs boxing out his man for a TD reception
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Tight End

1. E.J. Bibbs

6'2 258 Iowa State #11

video 1video 2video 3

40-4.88 10-1.68 bench-22 vert-31 
broad-9'2 shuttle-4.52 3-cone-7.22

  • attacks the ball with his hands, goes and gets it
  • excellent hands
  • boxes out defenders, adjusts well to the ball
  • slow, doesn't separate well
  • agile, moves well
  • an "F" skill set but lacks deep speed

2. De'Marieya Nelson

6'2 222 Arizona State #12

video 1video 2more videos

40-4.85 10-1.70 bench-16 vert-32 
broad-9'9 shuttle-4.62 3-cone-7.40

  • athletic and agile in short area
  • not explosive off the line
  • poor range, doesn't separate downfield
  • experience split out wide
  • good hands and hangs on in traffic
  • aggressive, violent mentality as a blocker
  • lunges too often when blocking in-line
  • fullback/H-back type that's also very comfortable split out wide or in the slot
  • core special teams contributor in college, also played some defensive end

3. Jimmay Mundine

6'1 235 Kansas #41

video 1

40-4.67 10-1.65 bench-20 vert-38 
broad-10'1 shuttle-4.34 3-cone-6.98

  • poor man's Malcolm Johnson
  • agile, very athletic
  • has the range to threaten the seam and deep
  • doesn't attack the ball
  • H-back only, not enough of a blocker for in-line tight end

4. Kevin Haplea

6'3 249 Florida State #33

video 1 (from 28:39 to 30:34)

40-4.74 10-1.69 bench-24 vert-30 
broad-9'5 shuttle-4.63 3-cone-7.38

  • not very explosive, not a quick accelerator
  • hesitant as a blocker
  • doesn't bring his hips as a blocker
  • good hands, even in traffic
  • body control
  • limited college playing time

??? Jeff Covitz

6'1 241 Bryant #77

40-4.92 10-1.67 bench-22 vert-32 
broad-9'2 shuttle-4.70 3-cone-7.04

  • couldn't get any tape on him

TE Overall:

I want to sign E.J. Bibbs, Jimmy Mundine, and De'Marieya Nelson. That would be quite a logjam with Dray, Barnidge, Housler, Johnson, and Telfer already on the team, but these eight tight ends are all so close in talent that I'd want to fit them onto the roster and let them battle it out. If I could only add two, I'd take Bibbs and Nelson because Mundine is very similar to Malcolm Johnson but slightly worse in just about every way across the board. Bibbs' "rebounding" skills as a box-out receiver and Nelson's violent run blocking are too special to not get them in camp and see how well they catch on.

Offensive Line

1. Darrian Miller

6'5 307 Kentucky #77

video 1video 2video 3video 4

40-5.29 10-1.90 bench-16 vert-25 
broad-8'6 shuttle-4.84 3-cone-7.73

  • good feet
  • agile, good balance, coordinated
  • keeps feet on the move
  • good interior pass blocker
  • turns well enough to chip on double team and then catch his primary assignment
  • poor range vs. speed rushers: not an OT
  • best fit is at guard, cross-train him at center too

2. Trevor Sales

6'1 306 Buffalo #71

video 1

40-5.46 10-1.76 bench-29 vert-28

broad-8'6 shuttle-4.79 3-cone-7.87

  • great anchor at center, tough to drive back
  • recovers balance and re-sets his feet well
  • very good pass protector
  • has to slow down to hit target on the move
  • not much of a run blocker in a zone scheme
  • center only

3. Tyler Loos

6'5 294 Northern Illinois #75

video 1highlight 1

40-5.45 10-1.84 bench-20 vert-28 
broad-8'2 shuttle-4.75 3-cone-7.64

  • nice, quick feet
  • turns pretty well, a little bit of a hitch in his gait on the move
  • lunges in pass protection
  • lacks range in his kick slide to play tackle
  • guard/center

4. Steve Gurrola

6'1 289 Arizona #56

video 1

40-5.46 10-1.88 bench-22 vert-29 
broad-7'11shuttle-4.96 3-cone-7.94

  • nice feet and agility
  • lunges too often
  • poor anchor
  • can adjust to targets on the move
  • a bit of an aggressive streak
  • size a major issue: short and underweight
  • good zone run blocker but inadequate pass protector

5. Jeff Myers

6'2 301 Toledo #54

video 1video 2highlight 1

40-5.27 10-1.85 bench-22 vert-25 
broad-8'3 shuttle-4.86 3-cone-7.92

  • heavy feet
  • lunges as a pass blocker
  • poor anchor, doesn't bend well
  • doesn't get out and into the second level well
  • builds up to speed slowly

??? Austin Sowell

6'4 295 Elon #71

40-5.06 10-1.76 bench-33 vert-29 
broad-9'2 shuttle-4.82 3-cone-7.75

  • didn't get to watch any of his tape
  • tested very well athletically at his Pro Day

??? Joe Kaleta

6'7 318 Coastal Carolina #65

40-5.83 10-1.99 bench-19 vert-17 
broad-7'7 shuttle-5.05 3-cone-8.39

  • couldn't get any of his game film

OL Overall:

Darrian Miller and Tyler Loos are both already signed. An argument could be made for whether Loos or Trevor Sales is the better roster fit. Personally, I'd keep Darrian Miller, cut Loos, and not sign any of these other guys, as Karim Barton is a better guard/center and Vinston Painter is a better tackle.