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Extra Point is 'No Good,' Say Browns Fans, ST Coordinator Chris Tabor

The change to extra points has many Browns fans in a pessimistic mood.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Long taken for granted, the extra point is finally receiving extra attention.

NFL vice president of officiating Dean Blandino announced today that the NFL's 32 owners voted today to lengthen the distance of an extra point.

For an in-depth explanation of the rule, check out this analysis piece by Alex Marvez of FOX Sports and this article by Katie Sharp of SB Nation. As the two point out, most 32 or 33-yard field goals are still easy for a majority of the NFL's talented kickers, though not as automatic as 20-yard extra points.

The rule change does not appear to be a positive for the Browns. As's Pat McManamon wrote in March, late season kicks of 32 or 33 yards are much more difficult in Cleveland than in warmer climates such Tampa Bay or domes such as the Colts' Lucas Oil Stadium. The Browns also lack an experienced kicker. The team currently has two untested kickers on its roster: Travis Coons and Casey Spear.

Browns special teams coordinator Chris Tabor has consistently voiced his opinion that the change is a "competitive disadvantage" for the Browns, as McManamon reported on May 10. Anthony Lima of 92.3 The Fan and others noted Tabor's displeasure at the rule change soon after it was announced this evening.

Browns fans echoed Tabor's negativity towards the rule change.

As a number of fans pointed out, the Browns often find creative ways to lose, and a missed extra point could present a new one.

Soon after the announcement, the Browns' official Twitter account sent out a tweet soliciting fan opinion about the rule change.

The responses were mostly negative, but certainly interesting.

One fan posed an intriguing solution that would cause a little more controversy.

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