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Uni Watch Ranks Browns' New Uniforms 20th in the NFL

Ed Rost on Flickr

On Thursday, Uni Watch published their latest uniform power rankings for NFL teams. The list gets off to a bit of a sour start right off the bat, as the Pittsburgh Steelers have the No. 1 ranking, with the author even stating that "the bumblebee throwbacks ... helped vault the Steelers into the top spot in this year's Power Rankings."

The Cleveland Browns came in at No. 20, which is ahead of the Baltimore Ravens (No. 23) and Cincinnati Bengals (No. 31), but still in the bottom half of the NFL. In their previous uniform power rankings, the Browns were ranked No. 16, so they dropped four spots as Uni Watch was not huge fans of the new uniforms:

There's no getting around it: This season's most ballyhooed makeover is a downgrade. The helmet is fine, but the jersey feels high school-ish, and the pants, with that big, honking "Browns" lettering down the sides, are embarrassing. Granted, we can't be sure about any of this until we see how everything looks on the field and how they choose to mix and match their jerseys and pants, but the early indications are not good.

I think the Browns' uniforms will be tough to judge until we know what the primary uniform combinations will be. If the team wears what fans preferred, I think we could be a bit of a trend setter in the NFL.

What do you think of the uniform rankings, Browns fans? Are there any teams that you think are ranked way too high or way too low?