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Report: Browns Not Likely to Appear on HBO's Hard Knocks

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

On Friday, ESPN Cleveland's Tony Grossi reported that the Cleveland Browns "made an emphatic plea to not appear on HBO's Hard Knocks" back at the league meetings in March. He says that the team's primary pitch in opposing the idea was that they wanted to protect the privacy of QB Johnny Manziel after his rehab stint, and Grossi believes their concerns got through and that they are not one of the finalists to appear on the show this summer.

The three finalists that were speculated included the Buffalo Bills, Washington Redskins, and the Houston Texans. Reports came out this morning that the Bills were not interested in appearing on the show. John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reported later on that the Texans are the favorites to appear on the show. When it comes to the Redskins, this is interesting -- two reporters with polar opposite reports today:

I think it'll be the Texans, based on what I've heard. It would've been fun to get an in-depth look at the Browns, but there's always next year.