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Brian Hartline & Andrew Hawkins Attended NFL Business Management & Entrepreneurial Program

NFL Player Engagement

Last month, 32 current and former players took part in the NFL Business Management & Entrepreneurial Program (BM&E) from April 6-9 at the San Francisco campus of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. That included two members of the Cleveland Browns: WR Brian Hartline and WR Andrew Hawkins.

Topics discussed during the program included financing, operations, and business plan development. During the four-day program, participants worked in groups to develop and delivered a business plan for the Business Pitch Competition that closes out the program. The players also visited and toured three companies: Facebook, Instagram,  Google, and Luxe. Here, you can catch a glimpse of Hartline at Luxe, a company that developed an app related to parking.

Chiefs LB Josh Martin discussed some of the visits on his blog here.

Ever wonder what the vending machines look like at #Facebook Headquarters? #NFLPE2015

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One of ONLY 27 Cafeterias at #Google Headquarters. #hardtogohungry #NFLPE2015

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