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Where do the Browns Rank in the 2015 Global Sports Salaries Survey?

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

The 2015 Global Sports Salaries Survey is out, which compares the club salaries for teams across all sports. The NFL data is current as of the 2014 season, while some of the other sports are as of 2015. The headline of the article reads, "Athletes making $17.94 billion on 333 top teams."

Of the 333 teams surveyed, the Cleveland Browns were ranked 142nd overall, down from 162nd the previous year. Their ranking this year corresponds with an average player salary of $2.2 million. The figure is supposed to exclude things like performance bonuses, and is supposed to include salaries for players on the active roster only.

The payroll for the Browns was listed at $114.2 million. Therefore, at 53 players, you can presume that the "$2.2 million" figure is actually closer to "$2.15 million" per player. From a raw payroll total, the Browns rank 39th in the world in salaries paid in 2014.

To compare local sports teams, the Cleveland Indians have a higher per salary amount at $3.1 million per player, but with fewer players on the roster, their total payroll ($86.1 million) is behind the Browns. The Cleveland Cavaliers pay $4.9 million per player, but again, with fewer players, their total payroll ($74.2 million) is behind the Browns.

Check out the full list to see where sports teams across the world rank in comparison to Cleveland.