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Summary of Browns QB Johnny Manziel Throwing Water Bottle Toward a Heckling Fan

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Last year, it was late-night drinking binges on inflatable swans, rolling up something in dollar bills in a bathroom, the money phone, or getting into a confrontation at his former Downtown residence.

This year, since leaving rehab, we haven't heard about any wild stories with QB Johnny Manziel. On Saturday, Manziel was back in the headlines, but it sounds like the whole incident really amounts to nothing. For us, it's only news because it's news -- in other words, I'm sure you'll hear about it some time again over the next couple of weeks, whether it be in talk radio or in an interview with Manziel.

ESPN has a good rundown of the incident, which you can read here. To summarize:

  • There were eight people in Manziel's group at a golf course property in Irving, Texas.
  • A fan kept pestering Manziel for an autograph. Manziel allegedly was polite to him "the first 10 times he asked," but started getting agitated as the fan kept being persistent, including when the fan grabbed Manziel's arm from behind.
  • Manziel and his group encountered the fan again later on, and that's when the fan starting throwing insults such as "Ryan Tannehill is way better than you" and "Good luck never starting in the NFL."
  • Reports say that Manziel responded "What?" before throwing a water bottle toward the fan. One report says the bottle was 3/4 full, while another says it was empty. One report says the fan was 20 feet away, and Manziel's "throw" was more like a spike in the ground.
  • The fan then continued egging Manziel on, presumably as he approached the group, saying, "Good throw, Johnny." A friend from Manziel's group stepped in and shoved the fan.
  • Police arrived, and that was that.

It might have gone down a lot like this:

Now, you're up-to-date. You can debate whether Manziel should have handled this differently, but it doesn't sound like he did anything wrong -- even throwing the bottle at the ground wasn't him hurling it at the guy.