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92.3 the Fan Says Goodbye to Chuck Booms

Radio people (not at 92.3 the Fan)
Radio people (not at 92.3 the Fan)
Mike Stone/Getty Images

Cleveland Scene broke the news earlier today that 92.3 the Fan parted ways with radio personality Chuck Booms of Kiley & Booms following this morning's show.

I view 92.3 the Fan as the sports channel to listen to in Cleveland, and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't listen to the station. Bull & Fox in the afternoon and Ken Carman in the evening are a delight to listen to. As for the morning show, while I listened regularly (what else is one to do on their way to work?), the change should be a welcome addition to the channel. I don't despise Booms like many others do, but a listener shouldn't feel agitated every time they listen to a person speak, and that's what I had way too often with Booms. For a station that had almost everything right, the morning show was lacking.

It appears that Kevin Kiley will stay on, and Booms' replacement will be announced soon. The station already has a lot of talent they could go to, or they could consider shifting Carman to the morning slot, as he has been a regular fill-in whenever Kiley or Booms went on vacation.

What do you think of the news, Browns fans? Are you happy or disappointed to see Booms kicked to the curb?