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UDFA Tryouts Projection: Part 1

The Browns invited 50 tryout players to their rookie minicamp, what do these guys bring to the table and who should they sign?

OLB/DE Dylan Wynn makes a man-sized tackle
OLB/DE Dylan Wynn makes a man-sized tackle
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Running Back

1. Luke Lundy

6'0 228 Ottawa #1

highlight 1

40-4.62 10-1.53 bench- vert-36 
broad-9'11 shuttle-4.33 3-cone-

  • nice jump cut
  • 1-cut, north-south runner
  • reads blocks well, runs with patience
  • attacks defenders with upper body, lowers shoulder with authority
  • halfback/fullback hybrid?

2. David Fluellen

5'11 224 Toledo #22

video 1

40-4.66 10-1.65 bench-16 vert-36 
broad-10'0 shuttle-4.21 3-cone-6.90

  • 1-cut runner
  • not the most dynamic back

RB Overall:

I'd consider signing Luke Lundy. He's not as good of a receiver as Shaun Draughn or Glenn Winston but he may be a better runner than either of them and has the mentality and aggressive style to likely be an effective fullback. I'd rather carry Draughn or Winston than Fluellen. They bring more upside as receivers and Winston is a better pure rusher.

Outside Linebacker

1. Dylan Wynn

6'2 283 Oregon State #45

video 1video 2video 3video 4video 5

40-5.07 10-1.73 bench-43 vert-33 
broad-9'2 shuttle-4.50 3-cone-7.36

  • violent, aggressive, high motor
  • tremendous core strength shows up on the field
  • power rusher, not a speed threat off the edge
  • quick off the ball, fast first step
  • light feet and loose hips to drop into coverage as OLB
  • limited range in coverage
  • effective as 1-gap sub D nose tackle
  • can overpower and shed centers if left 1-on-1

2. Ty Phillips

6'1 258 Missouri Valley #45

highlight 1highlight 2

40-4.94 10-1.70 bench-21 vert-30 
broad-8'9 shuttle-4.53 3-cone-7.33

  • good strength and power
  • some quickness off the snap but not explosive
  • agile and bends well

3. Michael Reilly

6'3 261 William & Mary #95

highlight 1highlight 2

40-5.00 10-1.68 bench-26 vert-30 
broad-9'2 shuttle-4.37 3-cone-7.27

  • questionable range to finish plays

4. Alex Markarian

6'3 267 Humboldt St #57

highlight 1highlight 2

40-5.24 10-1.84 bench-23 vert-26 
broad-8'0 shuttle-4.79 3-cone-7.78

  • not explosive, slow

OLB Overall:

I recommend that the Browns keep Dylan Wynn, one of their 4 UDFA signings from immediately after the draft. I think he's better than Keith Pough, likely also better than Scott Solomon (who showed some flashes at the end of last season), and possibly even better than Armonty Bryant. The Browns need to take an extended look at this guy in training camp and see what they have. I wouldn't sign any of the others, the position is crowded now.

Inside Linebacker

1. Rodman Noel

6'3 222 NC State #5

video 1video 2video 3, video 4, video 5, video 6

40-4.69 10-1.59 bench-16 vert-33 
broad-9'9 shuttle-4.43 3-cone-7.32

  • struggles taking on blockers
  • gets blown off the ball even by FBs and TEs
  • unreliable tackler
  • speed and range
  • drops into coverage well
  • special teams only at this point but has the speed for it

2. Tyler Williamson

6'1 226 Southern Illinois #24

video 1

40-4.95 10-1.68 bench-13 vert-31 
broad-9'3 shuttle-4.33 3-cone-7.26

  • loose hips but limited range
  • good short range agility and quickness

3. V.J. Fehoko

5'10 223 Texas Tech #52

video 1video 2video 3

40-4.86 10-1.73 bench-32 vert-31 
broad-9'0 shuttle-4.53 3-cone-7.23

  • some hip fluidity for zone coverage
  • limited range
  • decent closing speed
  • capable blitzer, can bend as an edge rusher
  • not a great man cover linebacker
  • doesn't shed blocks well

4. Travis Hughes

40-4.89 10-1.59 bench-19 vert-25 
broad-8'8 shuttle-4.86 3-cone-7.37

ILB Overall:

I'd keep 7th round draft pick Hayes Pullard and veterans Tank Carder and Darius Eubanks over any of these guys. If any, I'd sign Rodman Noel for special teams but Carder is as good of an athlete and is a proven performer on special teams.