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Peter King's Offseason Power Rankings Has the Browns at No. 27

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

In this week's Monday Morning Quarterback, Peter King of Sports Illustrated posted his offseason power rankings for the NFL. Love him or hate him, King often offers a different perspective on a select number of teams -- in other words, he's more willing to be "bold" with a few of his rankings. Would that be the case with the Browns this year?

King ranked the Baltimore Ravens first overall, putting faith in John Harbaugh to "find answers in a league devoid of a truly great team." The somewhat surprising teams who King is backing early on are the Kansas City Chiefs and the Minnesota Vikings, who King ranked 4th and 6th, respectively. Seeing the Denver Broncos down at No. 9 is a bit alarming on sight, but I have to remember how things went south for Peyton Manning at the end of last season.

Everything else falls in line with the league norm when it comes to the media, including Cleveland, which came in ranked 27th. If I could nitpick the list on one thing, it would be the fact that the San Francisco 49ers are still one spot ahead of the Browns. No team should have the disastrous offseason that they had and still be ranked ahead of...well, anybody. One of King's shortest blurbs came when it was time to discuss his ranking of the Browns:

27. Cleveland (7-9). I don’t hate the Browns, at all. I’m just tired of having June faith in them.

Fair enough. King has been back-and-forth on the Browns in the past, and as has been the case even for the local media, this team is pretty difficult to project. Every time there is a glimmer, it gets ripped away. The team almost broke through it last season, but fell short. Could 2015 be different?