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Pete Prisco Labels Browns OG Joel Bitonio a Breakout Player for 2015

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, Pete Prisco of CBS Sports put together a list of 20 players who are on the doorstep of having a breakout season in the NFL. My first instinct when I read the list was to scan through the names to see if any members of the Cleveland Browns were mentioned. When I saw OG Joel Bitonio listed, I thought to myself, "didn't the guy already have a breakout season a year ago as a rookie?" He might have been the offensive rookie of the year if it hadn't been for WR Odell Beckham Jr.

Then, I went back to Prisco's introduction to read about how he decided who was already a breakout player and who wasn't. According to Prisco, "...any player who hasn't been to a Pro Bowl who I think can get there in the next year or so" is a candidate to be a breakout player. Knowing that, Bitonio's inclusion made more sense. Here is what Prisco said specifically about our starting left guard:

He didn't get as much attention a some other rookie guards last season, but this mauler never backed down from anybody. He is a fighter. He made a nice transition from college tackle inside to guard for the Browns.

No sign of Johnny Manziel, Justin Gilbert, or either of the team's rookie running backs from a year ago.