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Are NFL Playoff Appearances Worth Hanging a Banner For?

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today, we came across a tweet that showcased the Indianapolis Colts having a banner up at Lucas Oil Stadium for their achievement during the 2014 season.

The Browns obviously can't hang banners from a ceiling at FirstEnergy Stadium, but for the right achievement, they can feature it somewhere prominently in the stadium. The question is how far does that achievement have to go in order for it to warrant recognition?

The Browns made the playoffs in 2002 as a wildcard team, but lost to the Steelers in the opening round. I think it'd be awkward to recognize that season as being worthy of a banner. What about if the Browns were division champions, or made it to the AFC Championship? I think appearing in a Super Bowl is worthy of recognition regardless of the outcome, so that one doesn't need to be discussed. What about the other scenarios?