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Browns RB Coach Talks About Friction Between Ben Tate, Terrance West in 2014

Jason Miller/Getty Images

It's no secret that running back Ben Tate clashed with the rookie running backs on the Cleveland Browns last year. Tate always had a chip on his shoulder, one that rubbed a lot of fans and people in the media the wrong way. It's not that Tate didn't have a right to be confident, but his abrasive attitude is one that you really don't see much of in the NFL -- some people will fake a positive attitude, but Tate was blunt and to the point.

In an interview with Tom Reed of the Plain Dealer, running backs coach Wilbert Montgomery talked about the amount of friction there was last season between Tate and the rookies, particularly Terrance West:

"It was bad," Montgomery said. "They would get into it, you know, in the locker room, just having words, and in the meeting room, and it takes away from what you are doing out on the field. It becomes a distraction. It's a serious thing, it's a hard thing, but then you have to move on like we did and let these young guys grow."

By "hard thing," Montgomery is referring to the fact that the team cut Tate in a surprise move during the season. Although West was probably far from an innocent bystander as a rookie, the hope is that he's matured a little heading into his sophomore year. Montgomery commented that there is no friction whatsoever this year, despite the addition of another running back, rookie Duke Johnson.