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WWE Visits Berea; Seth Rollins calls Browns QB Johnny Manziel an 'Idiot Face' at 'RAW'

Johnny Manziel didn't enjoy WWE's stay in Cleveland as much as some other Browns personnel did.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Just like the Browns, WWE can always be counted on for cheap laughs and hours of mindless entertainment.

WWE's "Monday Night RAW" didn't disappoint during its Cleveland show, following a visit to Berea earlier in the day.

Heavyweight champ Seth Rollins riled up the crowd at The Q, calling Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel an "idiot face" while taking a jab at Cleveland's long championship drought.

The exact definition of an "idiot face" is unclear. Whatever the term means, Rollins' lame joke was not well-received.

Manziel was soon shamed on the Humongotron, and greeted with some boos from those in attendance.

A handful of other Browns also attended, including tight end Gary Barnidge.

Barnidge and the others presumably had a better time than Manziel.

Before Collins and co. came to The Q, a number of WWE wrestlers stopped by the Browns' facilities in Berea.

Titus O'Neil, Darren Young, Jerry Lawler, Summer Rae, and others met and posed for pictures with Browns head coach Mike Pettine and other team personnel.

The Browns definitely seemed to enjoy the opportunity to meet with some cool celebrities.

The biggest takeaway, though, is that Pettine definitely looks like "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. The resemblance is uncanny. Regardless, I wouldn't mess with either of them.

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