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Browns Will Log 12,564 Miles Traveling on the Road for the 2015 Regular Season

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Last week, CBS Sports published an article that listed the miles that teams will travel on the road during the regular season in 2015. At first, one might think, "the miles have to be pretty close for most of the NFL teams, right?" The San Francisco 49ers will log the most travel miles at 27,998 miles, while the Philadelphia Eagles will log the fewest at 6,818 miles. That is quite the disparity.

The Cleveland Browns have the 22nd most travel miles in the NFL this regular season with 12,564 miles. There are two games in which the Browns will have to travel over 2,000 miles -- Week 4 at San Diego and Week 15 at Seattle. Do teams that travel such long distances historically suffer a disadvantage? According to Grantland, there is some percentage difference, but it's not an overwhelming one across all NFL teams:

In the 15-season period from 1997-2011, teams that traveled 2,000 miles or more for a road trip won only 39.8 percent of their games, according to That's slightly worse than the 43 percent of games won by teams that went on road trips that were 1,000 miles or less.

Here is how the Browns compare to the other 31 teams: