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CB Buster Skrine Stops Short of Calling Jets a Dream Team on Defense

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

In an interview with Don Banks of Sports Illustrated, former Cleveland Browns CB Buster Skrine showed that he gained quite the confidence after signing his first free agent deal this offseason with the New York Jets. After leaving one dynamic secondary, he's joining another, along with a defense that will be very intimidating to contend with:

"I’ve never played on a defense with this much talent. Our front seven has all-stars and then in the back end, we have all-stars. I’ve never seen anything like this. Everybody said the Philadelphia Eagles were going to be like the Dream Team, but we have chemistry on this defense already, and you can see it out in practice. I mean, we can match up however you want to match up. We can match up with any offense."

Seeing it in practice is tough to go by, considering the quarterback on the other side is Geno Smith. Their first test this regular season on offense will be the Browns. It's a game that will not make "game of the week headlines," but it'll be an interesting match-up because both teams are in somewhat similar situations: they've tried to build a top-level secondary and a solid defense, but they don't have the punch at quarterback that would typically make pundits predict, "playoffs."

Skrine was a teammate of QB Johnny Manziel last year and offered this commentary on him:

"I just feel like if Johnny could have gone back, I’m sure he would have changed some things, some decisions he made. But you’ve got to applaud the man, putting himself in rehab. Everybody over there seems to be praising him now about how he’s becoming a better professional. I think it’s still there for him in Cleveland. They’ve got Josh McCown, too, but he can’t play forever.

I can say this about Johnny: Johnny’s a good person, a good dude and he’s cool to hang out with. But I mean, it’s was a lot for him to deal with. You’re in the NFL, you’re getting a lot of attention coming out of college like that. Every rookie makes mistakes. But since he’s Johnny Manziel, everything’s going to be blown up to a whole ‘nother level. I could see from some people’s perspective that he needed [maturity]. But a rookie is a rookie at the end of the day. You have to figure out certain things yourself."

Opening day is about 2.5 months away.