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77 Days Until the Browns' Regular-Season Opener

Andrew Weber-USA Today Sports

We're going to start going a countdown to the Cleveland Browns' first regular season game against the New York Jets, which is on September 13, 2015. For each day we are counting down, we will try to find a photo of a current or past member of the Browns in that uniform, and we'll also list the players who have donned that jersey in the past.

As of Sunday, we are just 77 days away from the Browns' regular season opener. The current player with No. 77 on the Browns is RG John Greco. Here are the players who have previously worn No. 77, per Pro Football Reference:

From To
Willie Davis 1958 1959
Dick Schafrath 1960 1971
Fest Cotton 1972 1972
Mark Ilgenfritz 1974 1974
Ron East 1975 1975
Matt Miller 1979 1979
Lyle Alzado 1979 1981
Rickey Bolden 1984 1989
Ken Reeves 1990 1990
Freddie Childress 1992 1992
Orlando Brown 1994 1999
Ross Verba 2001 2004
Kevin Shaffer 2006 2008
Floyd Womack 2010 2010
John Greco 2011 2014

Who would you cite as your favorite player to wear No. 77 in the history of the Browns?