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Joe Haden Among the Top 25 Selling Jerseys in May

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

According to, Cleveland Browns CB Joe Haden was the No. 16 top selling jersey for the month of May. Haden is undoubtedly one of the most popular Browns players, but if this was just a regular offseason, I doubt that any members of the Browns would have sniffed the Top 25. One would have to think that the Browns' new uniforms were a contributing factor in the Browns having as many sales as they did, and the team seemed to market Haden a little more than last year's jersey darling, Johnny Manziel.

Fans across the NFL aren't afraid to throw money at jerseys of hyped quarterbacks -- QB Tim Tebow came in at No. 15 for the Philadelphia Eagles, and we don't even know what role he'll have by time the regular season rolls around. Seattle led the way with four jerseys ranked in the Top 25. Check out the full list below: