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Thoughts on Yahoo Streaming the Bills vs. Jaguars International Game in 2015

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

On Wednesday, it was announced that Yahoo won the bid for the distribution rights to air the Buffalo Bills vs. Jacksonville Jaguars regular season game on October 25, 2015. The game will kick off at 9:30 AM ET and will be distributed digitally to a global audience for free; in other words, if you are outside of Buffalo or Jacksonville, you can watch the game via Yahoo's streaming services.

According to reports, Yahoo paid at least $20 million to secure the rights to this one game, and they will try to recoup the investment via advertisements aired during the game. Because this is an unprecedented deal, I think it's difficult to project whether Yahoo will win out or not. If it was a game featuring two competitive games, I could see a large audience tuning in. Unless you live in Buffalo or Jacksonville, or are really a die-hard NFL fan in general, how many people are going to wake up at 9:30 AM to watch that game via a streaming device? I like the adventurous distribution method that is being explored, regardless.

The other two international games -- Dolphins vs. Jets on October 4 and Chiefs vs. Lions on November 1 -- will be distributed nationally on CBS and FOX, respectively, at 9:30 AM ET.

What is your opinion, Browns fans? Does the distribution of the game on Yahoo make it more or less convenient for you to tune in, and do you like the idea?