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Browns Looking to Expand Football Operations at Berea Facility

David Maxwell/Getty Images

Earlier this week, it was announced that the City of Berea had approved an agreement with the Cleveland Browns on expanding the team's training facility in Berea. Two years ago, the Browns completed renovations to many of the internal operations, which centered around the business side of things. The next round of renovations, and increased funding, will reportedly go toward expanding the football operations.

Daryl Ruiter of 92.3 the Fan went into all of the details surrounding the agreement thus far. Here are a few key notes:

  • The Browns' lease runs through 2040, and they previously had an opt-out clause in 2020. The agreement pushes the opt-out clause all the way back to 2028.

  • Berea had already agreed to contribute $3 million to the facility in renovations. Under the new agreement, the city will contribute an additional $4.6 million.

  • The Browns agreed to ten points of community service, which you can read about in Ruiter's article. The one that interests me the most is the following: "The Browns will make open to the public at least two (2) Cleveland Browns’ practices or football-related events taking place at the facility."

    I wonder what type of event might be made available inside the facility. Is there a chance that an indoor mini-camp session could ever be opened to the public? Or, would it be more of a mini-Fan Fest type of event that could be used as a substitute for a practice session?

  • The Browns' fieldhouse is currently only 70 yards. I think it has been long overdue for an expansion to a full-sized field, which I imagine could be extended in the direction of the outdoor fields without losing any active field space outside.