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NFL Puts the Brakes on National Fantasy Football Convention

Bryan Steffy/Getty Images

In May, it was announced that Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo would help host the first-ever National Fantasy Football Convention (NFFC) in Las Vegas, Nevada this July. The event was scheduled to have over 100 current and former NFL players, with the convention being the ultimate go-to place for die-hard fantasy football fanatics to attend to improve their strategy or just meet some of their favorite players.

Cleveland Browns RB Isaiah Crowell was scheduled to participate in the event, which would have been about two weeks prior to the start of training camp. The event has now been cancelled for 2015 because of the location, according to FOX Sports. If players participated in the event, they would likely be fined and would risk a suspension.

"Players and NFL personnel may not participate in promotional activities or other appearances at or in connection with events that are held at or sponsored by casinos," an NFL spokesman said in an email statement to FOX Sports.

The NFFC has announced that they plan to re-locate the event and try again in 2016, this time in Los Angeles.