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Kyle Shanahan Describes All the Quarterbacks He's Worked With, Including QB Johnny Manziel

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Former Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan discussed pretty well in-depth all of the quarterbacks he has worked with as a coach in an interview with ESPN. For as much disdain as I had for Shanahan and the way he "quit" on the Browns, he actually gave some good insight to QB Johnny Manziel and how he viewed his skill set in 2014.

"Johnny was similar to Robert Griffin III -- different type of athlete, but in terms of where he came from. He came from a college that was very Oregon-like; not as much with zone read, but a lot of quarterback runs, spread-out system and not a lot of pocket play. We had to try and think of things that Johnny could do to make plays, but you've also got to teach him how to play quarterback. There's a fine line. But it was a challenge, just like Robert, just in terms of you've got to let those guys be them. They won Heismans being them. You don't want them coming to the NFL and you saying, 'Hey, you can't be you anymore.' So you've got to try and think of a system that allows them to be them, but still teaches them what they need to do to be successful.

The difference with Johnny was, Johnny was quick. He didn't have the speed Robert (Griffin) had, but Johnny could break people off. And that's what his strongest asset was. I never had a guy who could make people miss like that. And the hardest thing, when you make people miss though, you get hit a lot because you're not going to the sideline. You're in between the tackles. That was the challenge with him. Johnny was going to be less designed runs but more scrambles."

Shanahan also provided some input on QB Brian Hoyer, who is now contending for the Houston Texans' starting quarterback job:

"Hoyer was very similar to Schaub. He was experienced; great touch and went through his progressions. He was new in the offense. I think if we would have stayed together longer, I think he could have gotten better at it. But Hoyer's a very solid quarterback who I think we'll have a good chance to play at Houston this year."

The quotes almost make me like Shanahan again for a second...until I remember the 32-point presentation and all of the other shenanigans again.