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PFF Breaks Down Isaiah Crowell

Pro Football Focus is doing an in-depth series of articles breaking down running backs' "success and usage from a statistical standpoint." Here, we look at what their studies had to say about Browns running back Isaiah Crowell.

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Hit in the backfield most often:

Hit in the backfield most often

  • Crowell was hit in the backfield 27.7% of the time, 5th most among running backs with 70 or more carries.
  • In these situations, he averaged 1.1 yards after contact.
  • Interestingly, Ben Tate was 9th on this list, being hit in the backfield 25.8% of the time.
  • Seeing that two of the Browns' backs showed a similar trend, this suggests that the Browns offense -- specifically the offensive line -- likely had a significant part in this.

Most often hit 3+ yards behind the line of scrimmage:

Most Often Hit 3+ Yards Behind the Line of Scrimmage

  • Isaiah was hit 3+ yards behind the line of scrimmage on 9.5% of his rushing attempts, again at a 5th-highest mark.
  • Crow picked up 0.6 yards after contact on these plays.
  • Again, we see Ben Tate at 9th on this list as well (at 8.9%), implicating the Browns offense as a whole to some degree.

Highest percentage of runs for no gain or loss:

Highest Percentage of Runs for No Gain or Loss

  • 25.0% of Crowell's runs were for no gain or a loss. That was 4th most often in the NFL.
  • Ben Tate was 6th most often, with 24.2% of his runs failing to yield positive yardage.

Highest percentage of 10+ yard runs:

Highest Percentage of 10+ Yard Runs

  • Crow had a 10+ yard run on 13.5% of his carries.
  • 54.5% of his total yards came on these 10+ yard plays.
  • PFF's Sam Monson had this to say: "Interestingly, Isaiah Crowell ranked ninth in the highest percentage of 10-plus yard runs, but also was stopped at or behind the line of scrimmage on one-quarter of his carries."

Highest attempts per missed tackle forced:

Highest Attempts Per Missed Tackle Forced

  • Isaiah Crowell only made a defender miss their tackle once every 16.4 rushing attempts, the 4th worst rate in the NFL.
  • Despite his reputation among some fans, Crow is not a tackle-breaking power back.
  • Avoiding tacklers with vision and by making the right cut are not factored in here.

Most pre-contact rushing yards:

Most Pre-Contact Rushing Yards

  • On average, Crowell picked up 2.2 yards before contact on each rushing attempt. That was the 10th highest rate in the NFL last year.
  • He then picked up an average 1.9 yards after contact to bring his total to 4.1 yards per carry.


  • The offensive line had major consistency issues last year and Crow's stats show it with him getting hit behind the line on 27.7% of his rush attempts.
  • Isaiah didn't prove to be a tackle-breaker, making defenders miss their tackles only once every 16.4 rushes and averaging only 1.1 yards after contact when hit in the backfield.
  • He still ripped off 10+ yard runs on 13.5% of his rush attempts.
  • The Browns need improved line play to reduce the frequency of Browns running backs getting hit behind the line.
  • The return of Alex Mack and additions of Cameron Erving and Michael Bowie should both boost line play significantly and improve the depth.
  • Clearly Crow has some big play potential, the key is to get him to the line untouched.