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Browns Rookie OL Tyler Loos Placed on Reserve-Retired List

Maybe Loos didn't want this to be his future.
Maybe Loos didn't want this to be his future.
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Just a few days after we featured him in our training camp preview for the Cleveland Browns' offensive line, rookie Tyler Loos appears to have retired.

Loos was placed on the team's reserve-retired list last week, but the news went a bit under the radar. The Browns' roster now sits at 89 players, meaning they will be adding a player in the next couple of weeks leading up to training camp.

In terms of players on the back-end of the roster, fans were pretty intrigued to see what Loos had to offer, as he garnered the highest amount of support in a poll that featured himself, Darrian Miller, Andrew McDonald, and Karim Barton. There is no word on what the undrafted free agent out of Northern Illinois plans to pursue in lieu of the NFL, but his college profile listed him as a finance major.