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Weekend Tickets Sell Out Quickly for Browns Training Camp

The Cleveland Browns opened registration for training camp to the public on Friday at 10:00 AM. Many fans were shut out of the process for awhile due to system errors or other fans being ahead of them in queue. Before long, all of the weekend dates were "sold out."

As of this post, the following dates are sold out:

  • Fri, 07/31/15
  • Sat, 08/01/15
  • Sun, 08/02/15
  • Sun, 08/09/15
  • Sat, 08/15/15

As of this post, the following dates are still available:

  • Thu, 07/30/15
  • Tue, 08/04/15
  • Wed, 08/05/15
  • Thu, 08/06/15
  • Mon, 08/10/15
  • Tue, 08/11/15

Fans desperately hoping for a weekend date should check back often as the date approaches, as you never know whether a couple spots might become available again. If you still intend on going to any weekday sessions, it's better to register now rather than waiting any longer. There is no longer a queue of having to wait in line, so head on over now.