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NFL Supplemental Draft to Take Place July 9th

Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Brace yourselves, Browns fans -- the NFL's Supplemental Draft is one week from today. On July 9th, teams will consider whether they want to take a flier on any of the seven players who are eligible for the draft:

  • WR/KR Adrian Wilkins (North Carolina Central)
  • TE Sean McQuillan (UConn)
  • OT Isaiah Battle (Clemson)
  • DE Darrius Caldwell (West Georgia)
  • DE Eric Eiland (Houston)
  • DT Dalvon Stuckey (West Georgia)
  • DB Kevin Short (Kansas)

Early reports are that Battle has a legitimate chance at being selected by a team during the draft. Next week, we will go a little more in-depth on the players eligible for the draft and whether Cleveland should consider taking a look at any of them. Are there any players who interest you, Browns fans?