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92.3 the Fan Officially Announces Ken Carman Joining the Morning Show

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

2.5 months ago, 92.3 the Fan said goodbye to Chuck Booms as part of the morning show broadcast. Since then, the station has a number of combinations, both with and without Kevin Kiley (Kiley's absences were always due to vacation).

The two people who saw the most air time in Booms' spot were Ken Carman, the long-time host of the station's night show, and Anthony Lima, who is regularly part of the afternoon show with Bull & Fox. This morning, the station announced that Carman has officially become part of the morning team with Kiley:

It's a great step up for Carman, who has been wildly entertaining the past several years on his night show. It is a bit sorrowful to have to break up the night time crew, but now the station will have to determine who will fill the night time slot.