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Ron Wolf Recommended the Browns Get Mike Holmgren, Then Puzzled by the Weeden Pick

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Over this Fourth of July weekend, Steve Doerschuk of the Canton Repository posted an article containing some historical context and an interview with Ron Wolf and his association with the Cleveland Browns over the years. Wolf talked about the rifts he had with former head coach Butch Davis, but let's fast-forward to the point when former owner Randy Lerner consulted with Wolf regarding how he could turn the franchise around.

Wolf advised Lerner to bring in Mike Holmgren -- so if you're upset with how Holmgren's reign in Cleveland turned out, you can pass some blame along to Wolf for getting the ball rolling. Wolf isn't hiding from the fact that Holmgren was not successful in Cleveland, telling Doerschuck that "it didn't work." In trying to come up with a reason for Holmgren's failure, he looked at the team's quarterback situation, particularly the selection of Brandon Weeden:

"They tried to bring a quarterback in. They brought (Colt) McCoy in, and it didn’t work. They brought (Brandon) Weeden in, and it didn’t work. ... I was shocked when they brought Weeden in, only because, from being around Mike, his first thing about a quarterback was feet. It was the first thing Mike talked about ... feet. That guy had no feet."

There you have it -- some more insight into the dysfunctional history of the Browns!