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If Jason Pierre-Paul Played for the Browns, How Would You Handle His Contract?

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Fourth of July weekend nearly turned tragic for Jason Pierre-Paul. On Sunday, reports surfaced that he severely injured his hand in a fireworks accident. Some reports speculated that he might have blown off a few fingers or part of his hand, which would obviously put the remainder of his NFL career in doubt. According to the New York Post, Pierre-Paul fortunately escaped relatively unscathed, compared to what could have been:

While the full extent of the damage is not yet known, it is believed Pierre-Paul’s suffered significant burns on his palm and several fingers, and one finger may have sustained nerve damage, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

Here is where things get complicated, though, from the perspective of the New York Giants. The Giants slapped the franchise tag on Pierre-Paul, which is worth $14.8 million in 2015. Hoping to get more of a long-term contract, though, Pierre-Paul has not signed the one-year deal.

The Giants could withdraw the tender, and then Pierre-Paul would be an unrestricted free agent. Without teams knowing how badly damaged his hand is, though, it's hard to imagine a team offering Pierre-Paul the type of long-term deal he was once envisioning. From the Giants' perspective, even if Pierre-Paul is able to play, can you take the chance that his production drops off significantly if one of his hands is limited? The team does have other options, such as placing him on the non-football injury list (after signing his tender), and could withhold pay from him.

What would you want the Browns to do if Pierre-Paul played for Cleveland and the team has placed the franchise tag on him? Would you revoke it given the uncertainty, or would he be too good of a player to risk letting go? Also, if Pierre-Paul is able to make a reasonable recovery, you have to find a compromise between being supportive but not being ripped off by one of the better sack artists in the NFL.