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Browns CB Joe Haden Leads NFL Jersey Sales

Joe's jersey is a hot commodity this summer.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It's safe to call the new jersey saga a success.

Following the new uniform reveal three months ago, Browns fans voiced their approval. In a DBN reader poll, over 80% characterized the jerseys as "awesome" or "fine".

Fans across the nation liked them too, showing their support with their wallets.

According to Jersey Report, Browns cornerback Joe Haden leads all NFL  jersey sales at Dick's Sporting Goods stores in the U.S. since the NFL Draft. Safety Donte Whitner slid into the top ten, too, rising an impressive 72 spots.

One month ago, Haden's jersey ranked in the top 25, but his number sailed to #1, leapfrogging a handful of popular quarterbacks in the process.

This marks the second consecutive year that a Brown has dominated U.S. jersey sales. Johnny Manziel's jersey flew off the shelves at an impressive rate last year.

Judging by last season, Haden's #23 seems a safer long-term bet than Manziel's #2, though buying a Browns jersey with a name on it is never a safe bet.