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67 Days Until the Browns' Regular-Season Opener

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

We are doing a countdown to the Cleveland Browns' first regular season game against the New York Jets, which is on September 13, 2015. For each day we are counting down, we will try to find a photo of a current or past member of the Browns in that uniform, and we'll also list the players who have donned that jersey in the past.

As of Wednesday, we are just 67 days away from the Browns' regular season opener. No. 67 is currently being worn by backup nose tackle Ishmaa'ily Kitchen. Historically, nobody has worn the jersey for a lengthy period of time. In fact, if Kitchen makes the Browns' roster this year, he'll be the first player in team history to have held the number for at least four seasons. Here is the list of players who have worn No. 67 in the history of the franchise, per Pro Football Reference:

From To AV
Sid Williams 1964 1966 11
Craig Wycinsky 1972 1972 2
Chuck Hutchison 1973 1975 9
Mike Morris 1990 1990 1
Chris Thome 1991 1992 1
Wally Williams 1993 1993 0
John Jurkovic 1999 1999 1
Tre' Johnson 2001 2001 1
Melvin Fowler 2002 2004 7
Derreck Robinson 2010 2011 0
Kiante Tripp 2011 2011 0
Ishmaa'ily Kitchen 2012 2014 3
Andrew McDonald 2014 2014 0