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Browns Don't Select Anybody in the NFL Supplemental Draft

"Sure, let's add another lineman, why not?"
"Sure, let's add another lineman, why not?"
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 NFL Supplemental Draft is complete and the Cleveland Browns did not make any selections. The St. Louis Rams did select OT Isaiah Battle with a fifth-round pick, though, so that means that WR Josh Gordon (2012) is no longer the most recent player to be selected in a supplemental draft. With picks submitted via email, just how stressful was the Rams' selection of Battle?

The remaining players are now free to sign with any club as a free agent. I don't anticipate the Browns making any moves, but if they do, we'll cover them as the news comes along. Cleveland's roster currently sits at 90 players heading into training camp, where rookies will first report in less than two weeks.