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Cleveland Browns a Bargain on the Road

What will it cost to see the Browns on the road this year? Relatively not much.

Browns fans made their presence felt in Tennessee in 2014.
Browns fans made their presence felt in Tennessee in 2014.
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The National Football League’s secondary ticket market allows us to gauge how fans perceive other teams. A marquee match-up like the Seattle Seahawks versus the Green Bay Packers ($295) will create a higher in-the-door price than the Jacksonville Jaguars against the Tennessee Titans ($23). Not surprisingly, when the Cleveland Browns go on the road in 2015, they likely will not garner as much fanfare as a New England or an Indianapolis.

The table below details the lowest price listed for every Browns away game via, a sports ticket aggregator. The Avg. Price column lists the mean of the cheapest ticket listed for each opponents' home games including Kansas City’s "home" game in London. All figures are current as of July 31, 2015.

Week Opponent Time Price Avg. Price Cheapest?
1 Jets 1:00pm $54 $48.63 No
4 Chargers 4:05pm $31 $66.38 Yes
5 Ravens 1:00pm $78 $67.13 No
7 Rams 1:00pm $18 $30.75 No
9 Bengals 8:25pm $46 $41.63 No
10 Steelers 1:00pm $104 $119.13 No
15 Seahawks 4:05pm $145 $177.00 Yes
16 Chiefs 1:00pm $17 $45.25 Yes

Obviously the secondary ticket market will fluctuate between now and September, but the early returns show that the Orange and Brown are a bargain outside of Cleveland. Currently, when the team travels to San Diego, Seattle, and Kansas City, they will be the cheapest ticket of the season for the hosts. The Browns' match-up against the Rams comes in at a season-low $18, which is good news for anyone who has Edward Jones Domes on their bucket list. With rumors of the Rams possibly re-relocating to Los Angeles, this may be the last time to see the Browns play in Mound City. The Browns’ trip to Seattle looks to be the most expensive ticket at $145, edging out the rival Steelers.

While Clevelanders could perceive these low prices as a slight on the club -- the average NFL fan won’t want to pay big bucks to see a lousy team -- the situation does benefit out of town Browns Backers or diehards looking for a road trip. If the Browns play well, however, the asking price will undoubtedly rise. Hopefully in Week 16, Browns fans in western Missouri get to complain how expensive the tickets have become.