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La Canfora Isn't Even Trying to be Discreet About His Disdain for Cleveland

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

There was once a time when I considered Jason La Canfora one of the respectable, go-to sources for NFL news. As the days of social media and sports blogs started becoming more prevalent, the insiders had to adapt. Now, "insiders with news" transformed to "insiders with opinions." For some of the insiders, the extra flavor of personality works. For La Canfora, it doesn't, as he is continuing his year-long bashing of the Browns and team owner Jimmy Haslam:

Anyone else happen to catch the earliest vote of confidence in NFL history last week? Browns owner Jimmy Haslam, he of the itchy trigger finger, in a season in which many around the league are counting down the days until he blows up his coaching staff and front office again, already addressed their status. On. The. Third. Day. Of. Training. Camp. In July! Unreal. "We're not going to blow things up, OK," Haslam said/pleaded/opined to reporters at camp. Good luck with that. If this team is 4-12 or whatever after losing five straight to end last season I doubt this is the last "vote of confidence" he makes this season and we'll see if he actually stays the course. His brief history in the league to this point would indicate no friggin' way.

Sure -- let's ignore the fact that a reporter asked whether he was going to be patient or blow things up. Instead, he portrays Haslam as hosting a press conference specifically to declare a vote of confidence in the front office and coaching staff, pleading for reporters to believe him. Biased reporting at its finest.