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Justin Gilbert Involved In Road Rage Incident

We hadn't had something stupid happen in a while, I guess.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

After a tumultuous rookie season, things aren't exactly getting off on the right foot this year for Justin Gilbert. Multiple sources are reporting that Gilbert was involved in an extended road rage incident on Friday. According to

Gilbert, who was uninjured in the crash, drove his Dodge Challenger into a drainage ditch on West 130th Street in Brunswick Friday afternoon while trying to get away from a man who had been trailing his car, Brunswick police Sgt. Robert Safran said.

The incident originated on Interstate 71 southbound in Middleburg Heights, Safran said. Brunswick police received a call from the Ohio State Highway Patrol saying that the two cars involved, Gilbert's Challenger and a 55-year-old Parma man's Ford Mustang, were speeding down the highway toward Brunswick.

After exiting in Brunswick, briefly driving through Hinckley Township, and then back into Brunswick, Gilbert crashed into a ditch while attempting to turn into a driveway. The incident reportedly started after Gilbert cut off a Parma man, the two exchanged some "words and gestures," and the Parma man decided to follow Gilbert. Multiple outlets, including ABC affiliate Newsnet 5, are also reporting that at some point during the altercation Gilbert threw "tobacco juice" at the other vehicle. Multiple people called police to notify them of the speeding vehicles, including the Parma man himself. The Parma man remained at the scene of the accident, where both he and Gilbert were cited by police, and no one was injured.

What a great way to start week one of the NFL season.