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A Friendly Reminder

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Off-seasons suck. It will have been 259 days between when the Browns put the bow on the 2014 season and when the Browns will take the field against the New York Jets.

Over that long off-season DBN turns into a website in which we argue over things like back-up Quarterbacks to music. It can get heated and battle lines (for lack of a better word) can be drawn over silly issues. With the 2015-16 season here, we thought it would be a good idea to remind everyone here at DBN of the rules that everyone agreed to here when they signed up.

I encourage everyone to read or re-read these rules. Especially this note:

  • Posting Ethics: The following should go without saying. However, we do NOTcondone: racismexcessive foul language, or verbally attacking another user. If your post falls under these categories or something similar to them, if you really feel the need to have at it with somebody, contact them personally via email. Do not do it on DBN. This specifically includes political discussion as well! Humor in the form of racism or foul language will be removed, and repeat offenders will be warned.
Some have asked why DBN has a zero politics policy and the answer is simple. I don't care who you voted for and you don't care whom I did. We don't need to know to talk about Cleveland Browns football. Trust me there are plenty of websites to go talk trash about elected officials, we don't need it here. Sometimes sports and politics collide and we understand that. But do your best to avoid it or it will be removed.

Lastly, treat others with respect. I have been guilty of this in the past and that is why I am the one asking you now. DBN has become a place that is unwelcoming to new comers and down right aggressive towards those who don't agree. If you are on #TeamManziel or #TeamHoyer I don't care. Personal attacks WILL NOT be tolerated and will be moderated closely as we try to correct this as a community.

If you have an issue with a comment, flag it. We will see it and get to it as soon as we can. Don't start a flame war, just flag it and move along.

This is football. We need to treat others with respect and kindness. Be kind and welcoming to newcomers and forgiving of those who use the subject line. Let's have a great season everyone.