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Who Should the Browns Start at QB in Week 3: Johnny Manziel or Josh McCown?

Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

It's time for some flaming hot takes on the Cleveland Browns' quarterback situation!

Veteran QB Josh McCown has been the Browns' No. 1 quarterback all offseason. He took all of the first-team snaps in training camp and during the preseason games. He was also the team's opening-day starter, but had to leave on the first drive of the season due to a concussion. Head coach Mike Pettine has long been providing the opinion that, even though Manziel has shown a lot of growth, that McCown was still well ahead in the quarterback competition.

Second-year QB Johnny Manziel did not perform well as a rookie and entered rehab this offseason, forcing many to wonder if his time with the Browns was already up. Since exiting rehab, he has been a model citizen, looked much-improved in camp and during the preseason, and just picked up his first victory as a starting quarterback against the Titans by a final score of 28-14.

This is a two-part poll question, so read carefully. If McCown is cleared to practice on Wednesday:

  • Who do you want to start in Week 3 against the Raiders?
  • Who do you think Pettine will start in Week 3 against the Raiders?

The poll is below -- get to voting now, and defend your decision in the comments section.