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NFL Power Rankings: Cleveland Browns Trending Upward for Week 3

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Here is a summary of how the Cleveland Browns are viewed across mainstream media outlets heading into Week 3 Power Rankings of the NFL season. Note: The rankings below were made prior to the Browns announcing Josh McCown as their starting quarterback for Week 3.

CBS Sports - No. 24 (Up 5 from Last Week)

It should be Johnny Manziel the rest of the way. Forget Josh McCown. It's all about finding out more about Johnny Football.

FOX Sports - No. 30 (Up 2 from Last Week)

Although Johnny Manziel wasn’t able to string together any long scoring drives, he was able to connect on two splash plays that made the difference in Cleveland’s first victory. The Browns have not yet named a starter for Week 3, but it seems like Manziel gives them the most upside. - No. 25 (Up 6 from Last Week)

Can you really give the keys back to Josh McCown at this point? Answer: Yes, you could. John Football did indeed have two very nice throws that got plenty of burn on all the highlight shows. What said shows didn't show: The fact that he completed just six other passes (for 62 yards) the rest of the game. Still, the upside is with No. 2 out there, so I think you stick with him. Mike Pettine and I aren't friends on LinkedIn, so he's probably not going to consult me.

Yahoo Sports - No. 22 (Up 4 from Last Week)

I'm still not on board with giving Johnny Manziel the starting job. He's making progress, but it might be best if the Browns still play the slow game with him.

ESPN - No. 21 (Up 7 from Last Week)

Forget Johnny Manziel, it's all about Travis Benjamin! Benjamin has scored four of the Browns' five touchdowns this season and has accounted for 51 percent of the Browns' receiving yards. - No. 28 (Same from Last Week)

Before we fall in love with Johnny Manziel off his first win as the starter, remember that in between the two TD passes to Travis Benjamin he went 6-13 for 62 yards over 3 ½ quarters.

Listed below is a summary table of where teams in the AFC North are ranked this week.

Bengals Browns Ravens Steelers
FOX Sports 6 30 19 11 4 25 22 8
ESPN 6 21 17 4
Yahoo Sports 4 22 16 8 3 28 17 6
SB Nation 8 27 19 7
CBS Sports 5 24 15 7
Odds Shark 9 26 10 5
Average: 5.6 (up 2.7)
25.4 (up 3.2)
16.9 (down 4.5)
7.0 (up 4.8)