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What Shaun Draughn Brings to the Table

Duke Johnson is recovering from a concussion. If he isn't ready to return to action for Week 1, Shaun Draughn may be the one to step into that 3rd running back spot for awhile. What does he have to offer and why might he be the guy for the job?

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

This preseason, Draughn has gotten some opportunities to run the ball (Week 4) and play special teams (Weeks 3 and 4). He has a spot on the first team in the kickoff teams. He didn't do much with the handful of carries he's seen in a Browns uniform. Kickoff coverage and kick return blocking is one thing, but how can he have any value at running back if he's an ineffective runner?


Here we see Draughn getting deep down the sideline on a wheel route:

Draughn_Pass_Wheel Route - 20150306_140750 (1)

He makes nice, clean cuts in the short area too:


Another decent cut plus showing some run after the catch ability:


Shows some potential in the screen game:


Correctly identifies the coverage on his option route and reads his quarterback:

Draughn_Pass_Option Route 7 - 20150310_095406

Shows decent but not dynamic ability to pick up extra yards in the flat:





Here Draughn squares up to pick up an edge rusher:


This time he whiffs on the edge versus a blitzing defensive back:


Here he effectively stops the rusher, but shows that his anchor is limited when facing power rushers:


He has to come all the way across the formation on this one. His cut block is not very effective:


Stalls the rush of the blitzing defensive back, slowing him down effectively. He does enough here to allow the quarterback time to release to his hot read, properly taking the inside man:



Shaun Draughn brings a lot of value to the running back position as a receiver and pass blocker. He's not an outstanding pass protector, but he's polished, aware, and stout enough to be considered above average league-wide in this area and currently the best on the Cleveland Browns (with Isaiah Crowell being a close second). As a receiver, he does not possess elite, game-breaking athleticism to be a threat to score anytime he gets the ball in the open field. However, he is a skilled route runner that can separate in the short area and down the field, which allows Coach Flip to open up his playbook and create mismatches for the defense. If Shaun Draughn makes the team in Duke Johnson's absence, these are some of the things that he offers that he did not get the opportunity to display during the 2015 preseason games.