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RB Terrance West in Danger of Being Moved, and QB Thad Lewis Reportedly Cut

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

After a few roster cuts for the Cleveland Browns were reported earlier, a couple of more transactions are reportedly in the pipeline: QB Thaddeus Lewis and CB Robert Nelson. Ditching Lewis means that the Browns would likely be content entering the season with just two quarterbacks in QB Josh McCown and QB Johnny Manziel. Nelson was on the team all of last year, but pretty much missed all of this year's camp with a hamstring injury.

The other big news comes with the rumors that either something may happen with RB Terrance West, or that the Browns are looking to acquire a veteran running back, possibly via a trade.

UPDATE: More rumors are coming out that the Browns are shopping West:

We'll continue to follow the Browns' roster moves as news comes along, and don't forget to check out fans discussing the moves all day long in the comments section of our open thread.