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NFL Relocation: St. Louis Loses Franchise to Los Angeles, Strikes a Chord With Browns Fans

Donald Miralle/Getty Images

St. Louis has lost their football team.

The news has to strike a chord with Cleveland Browns fans, who were one of the cities in recent memory to have their club ripped away from them as Art Modell ushered the team to Baltimore after the 1995 season. 20 years later, the Browns do have a franchise, but they've struggled to build a contending team since their return in 1999.

Here is a summary of what went down with the Rams, Raiders, and Chargers on Tuesday:

  • In the first round of votes, the Inglewood project involving the Rams and a team to be determined received the most votes, but it fell four votes shy of the required 75 percent among owners, according to Sam Farmer of the LA Times. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell then met with the owners to discuss a new proposal. Owners reconvened for another hour before reports trickled out that a deal was likely done. The final proposal reportedly passed after a 30-2 vote.

  • St. Louis has definitely lost their team. Effective in 2016, the Los Angeles Rams will find a location to play in LA. The new stadium will be build in 2019. Goodell says, "It’s more than just a stadium, it’s an entertainment complex."

  • The Chargers and Raiders could still end up in Los Angeles, and here is how it is going to play out. The Chargers and Raiders will each receive $100 million in assistance if they are able to stay in their current cities to build a new stadium. The Chargers have been approved to move to Los Angeles with the Rams if they are able to reach an agreement with each other. If the Chargers bypass on their opportunity, then the Raiders will be granted an opportunity to move.

What are your thoughts on the deal, Browns fans? Do you hold any hope that Cleveland was one of the franchises to vote the proposal down?